Follow the 80/20 rule

“Nothing can add more power to your life than concentrating all
your energies on a limited set of targets.”

— Nido Qubein

The 80/20 rule says that on a list of 10 tasks, only 2 of those
tasks will return 80% of the value of the entire list. Look at
your ‘to do’ list for today. Which tasks are directly related to
what you most want in life? Find the 2 high value items on your
list and tackle them first. These tasks are the ones that really
move us forward.

Many of us actively avoid the top 2 priorities because they are
more challenging than the rest. If they are to lead us to worthy
goals, they are undoubtedly asking us to move into new territory
in thinking and acting, and this can be scary. But this is also

“Don’t kid yourself: it’s because you’re doing all those C’s (low
priorities) and NOT because you haven’t any time, that you don’t
get to do your A’s.”

— Alan Lakein


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  1. good to talk to you the other night..i have been busy true with the upcoming departure to UK   and excited so much…. i dont intend to come back here when i make a second trip …so that is making me happy too…llol well i said to  him 3rd is last time so this is first mayb i go again in spring and then i stay there for good…. hope your day is good. running now to work out details on air fare and such and goodness where is that passport come on already….i can’t swim there!

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