sometimes its as though I need to keep myself busy … so busy that I
dont really have any time to think … to reflect on where I’ve been,
who I am and where I am headed … this will happen only if I allow it
to happen … but if my past is not so pleasant then I have my first
roadblock already in place!! … how am I ever going to get past it to
my present and therefore get to see my future … guess the answer is
ME … its all in my hands and unless I decide to give myself the
chance, it ain’t gonna happen … well, I know its easy to say it, a bit
difficult to write it down and very hard to actually do anything about
it … but you know what, it is in our very spirit to work towards happiness
and if we realize that it is really in our hands then its only a matter
of time and of course our will to make it happen … and sometimes
seeing it or having it actually being said to you helps!! … so I am helping
myself *smile* … and I am not ever going to give up on myself …

and like Mary Oliver said... 

I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world.

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  1. was thinking on this myself…when you see a new relationship as a possibility then you think of where you have been and for me it is hard to think about all i have seen and been through and like what about when i have to tell them all this..for now sure it is easy in the beginning….no one lays all there soul bare and i would prefer to leave the past where it belongs yet as humans we want to know it all..i am hoping for the one day when i have to cross the telling of it all again that , that someone will say no problem…that was then and you had no control on most of it…today is today…i long for those words…have a good day….ps love the little pic you have there…so pretty…i have never been told i am pretty and last night someone said i was beautiful …that was so exciting and hard at the same time….hearing it made me happy and yet then i thought can this be true?….i think i will accept it…..and you are beautiful too…inside and out…just thought i would tell you that…i am assuming you have heard it but then again you never know …so today i am telling you this and thanking you for your comments…..katie

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