Watched a few baaad movies the past few days and have been recovering
slowly from the experience *LOL* … anyway, watched Amelie today and
was pleasantly surprised 🙂

“Sweetwater Creek” is a very interesting book … with a lot of powerful characters and an intriguing storyline …


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  1. I’m so glad you’ve seen Amelie!! It’s one of my favorites. I love when she’s sitting on top of the building, disconnecting the man’s cable during his soccer game…lol -that makes me laugh so much! Hey …sorry I haven’t been around so much I just read your IM’s you sent to me and you’re really worried about me!!! It’s nice to know someone cares 🙂 Thank you for thinking of me. I’ll be okay – I finally posted again..and basically I’m just trying to hang in til I get this sleep study over with so I can start being myself again. But don’t worry – I’m okay, just not online as much. I will be in a couple weeks though. Take care girl – ciao 🙂

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