Feeling angry, sad or anxious? You might ask, “How much of this
is mine?”

Those of us who are sensitive sometimes pick up on emotional,
mental or physical energy in the environment. It feels like ours
– we really do feel the emotions or physical or mental symptoms.
But really, we are processing ‘generic’ energies that belong to
others or to humanity as a whole.

Opening to the possibility that our experiences may not be
completely ours helps us detach from them. When we don’t
completely identify with our thoughts and feelings, we gain power
over them.

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would
appear … as it is, infinite.”

— William Blake

Gosh!! Powerful movie….


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  1. Wow I can relate to this….this will be something I’m going to look  for at Blockbuster, although I don’t I remember seeing this there. I’m considering doing the online thing..netflix or whatever..b/c at the rate i’ve been renting movies, it’s cheaper for me to do it online..plus a much better selection…as far as foreign film/documentary type stuff goes..which is what I prefer. I’ve been watching soooo many wonderful foreign films lately. You should rent Sex and Lucia…it’s not as pornographic as it sounds LOL..it’s a really great movie. Also, one I’m watching now is Lucia Lucia (not related to the previous mentioned movie lol) and it’s pretty good too.

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