My loneliness is so crowded
so full of nostalgia
and faces of you
of long ago goodbyes
and welcoming kisses
taking off and being left behind.
It’s so crowded I can
organize it like a procession
by color, size and promises
by period, sense of touch and taste.
I tremble no more
to embrace your absences
which attend and assist me
with my face of you.
I’m full of shadows
of nights and desires
of laughter and also a curse.
My guests gather, gather like dreams
with new animosities and lack of candor.
I exorcise them…
I want to be alone with my face of you.
But your face turns away
eyes of love no longer loving.
Like food searching for its hunger…endlessly.
They extinguish my day.
The walls leave
the night remains.
Nostalgia leaves
nothing remains.
My face of you closes its eyes.
It’s such a desolate loneliness


I don’t remember you.
I have a bad memory.
Who were you?
A sailor on the Toronto Star?
On the Havana Maru?
The astronaut who loved Benedetti?
Can’t recall.

But you must.
Tell me your final optimism.
I offer you my last trust.

Hope…so sweet, so beautiful, so sad.
Such a frail promise is useless.

Still we must measure each other.

Such tame hope is useless.
Such submissive, such feeble,
such humble anger…
Cautious fury…it’s useless.
Wise anger…all useless.

You’re alone. I’m alone.
We’re next of kin.
Loneliness can burn.

Don’t love me.
Please don’t love me.
Don’t love me, don’t!


Ana broke my heart
and thus gave it life.
You’d never understand.
My poor Ana…
My beloved Ana…
I could never pay you
for what you did to me…
Casting light on the dark side
of my heart.
Why did you choose to stay poor
while leaving me so rich?


(All taken from the movie “The Dark Side of the Heart” – directed by Eliseo Subiela)

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  1. we remember the things we wish we could forget… some kind of mind thing…hope all is well..just taking some time on my days off to write…not making the bed today..horrors..lolol

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