“Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.” 
 Benjamin Disraeli, British Statesman

difference between the best of the best and the also-rans in life is
that genuine leaders consistently do what is right rather than what is
easy. Authentic success does take hard work and self-discipline. In
order to get to your greatest life, both professionally and personally,
it’s essential that you are willing to pay the price. Here are four
simple ideas that will help you create spectacular results:
1. Raise
your standards. Devote yourself to becoming world-class in all that you
do. Expect nothing but the best from yourself. Our expectations create
our reality.

2. Be the most positive person you know. Your
passion is contagious. It’s not easy to be positive when things get
tough but that is part of what genuine leadership is about.

Remember that your health is your wealth. Without energy, you will
never be able to realize your dreams and live your greatest life.
Exercise. Eat well. And remember that your health is your most precious

4. Make a difference. The deepest need of the human
heart is to live for something more important than oneself. Leave
people better than you found them. Give your best to your organization.
And don’t do it just for the organization – do it for yourself.


1. Where do you want to grow in your life?

2. If you were asked to describe yourself in one paragraph, what would that paragraph say?

3. Who are you?

4. If you could have dinner with 5 extraordinary people, who would they be and why?

5. What frustrates you the most in your life and what could you do to eliminate this frustration?

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  1. making a difference is an important aspect… loving those around you is imperative…mostly not judging..so even if you find you cannot love so many at least start with not judging others…in the end i find no one …is above another…and even those that have hurt me most i really hope the best for them..maybe i don’t want to hang out with them but i do hope the best…thanks for your comment..:)

  2. Okay…as though you knew I needed this desperatelyyou posted yet another jewel – as usual!! I’m going to take these journal ideas and use them…now I have something to write about. Thank you!!!!!
    I also love the Disraeli quote – so true. And the Robin Sharma piece I’m going to give to my boss to see if she wants to use this as a handout at our Staff Retreat on Thursday and Friday…we do leadership development and I think this is a wonderful little excerpt. So thank you once more !!
    take care 🙂

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