Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen … I am XYZ and I am homeless …

how many of us have heard these words … what does it do to you?
… as i watch others around me, I see all kinds of reactions …
annoyance, discomfort, fear and so on … sometimes pity too !! … but
one thing is common and that is avoidance … every single person (who
does not have a coin to part with, that is !!) looks away or feigns
sleep or whatever
… i have squirmed too as I dont have anything to give … but then I
sometimes look and smile but its difficult because you wonder if your
smile might offend the person or give them a wrong impression
…  but there is this one big black man who is my favorite
because he always says “…and if you dont have a coin to give, please
give me a smile” and he always gets my best smile and I am so grateful
to him for giving poor me (‘poor’ as I dont have anything to give) also
a chance to feel good about giving (even if its my smile 🙂
… he will always be my
Hero, and may god bless his soul!!
… still there are those who ignore him or turn away … wonder why?
… is it so difficult to smile at a stranger?
… WHY?


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  1. ahhh great great post!! i’m going to find a post i did from a while ago, i want to share it with you. i forget the exact date i did it so it may take a while. i think you’ll like it though, as it relates to this post in a way.
    yes i saw that dvd too..i spend a lot of time in the international section because i seem to get into those movies more. thanks for the recommendation, i’m going to get both tomorrow. i have off friday, sat, sun and monday! so i’ll have lots of time to watch them. my recommendation to you is in one word: Amelie. have you seen it already? It’s with Audrey Tatou..and of course she’s excellent in anything. But I even bought Amelie because it’s one of those movies that is meaningful, funny, warmhearted, everything. You should check it out. Of course my favorite is The Color Purple, older movie, but excellent. Also I like Empire of the Sun, a Spielberg film. Hmm and have you ever seen Contact with Jodi Foster? That’s really a good movie, in my opinion. Ohhh and What the Bleep Do We Know..yes..that’s a new release, it’s a documentary and talks about quantum mechanics, etc. ..done very well. Really makes you think. take care..goodnight!! How’s your head, any better by now?

  2. Hi there…me too, I have been crying on and off all night because of this. To say it’s sad, horrendous, awful, or terrible…is just..not enough. I have the next four days off and  I wish I could go and do something for those people. I don’t have much money but I’m still sending something. I feel guilty for eating food and living under my air conditioned apartment. For driving, for working. All of it. I feel so helpless. I wish I could go there (the Red Cross is training people to go for 2-3 weeks) but my job won’t go for that.
    okay, well…talk to you later…this sure is bad.

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