Just fnished watching ‘Amores Perros’ .. amazing movie!!

…because we are also what we have lost
(from the movie)


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  1. sorry did not get back to you..yes fine…just been sooo busy with studying and i took the day and went to new york okay that little adventure is going in my new book….ha ha ha definitly….(you live and learn god you live and learn)  so i will not update alot …well not sure the last entry is a good one and my working title for book… so we shall see..i am consumed with all the work right now till i can do it without thinking much on it and then settle back with writing all of my spare time..also selling house and looking for a place…hope to move out of state no longer than a year from now…so alot at the moment..and plenty i don’t talk of…thanks for your words and concern….katie 🙂

  2. oh no!!! I fear that this will be your next recommendation?? : ) I’ve considered getting this so often at my Blockbuster. Perhaps I will..but honestly I still (yes still) have to peel myself away from this computer and watch Motorcycle Diaries. lol.
    ryc: thanks so much for the comment..i had to say something.

  3. hey there..sorry i didn’t respond to your instant messages…guess what i was doing??? you got it! watching motorcycle diaries…you know. i have to thank you for recommending it otherwise i may have missed out on such an amazing (and true) story. this move really moved me – it’s quite inspiring, really it is. right up my alley. okay..well i just had to tell you that.
    i am so sorry that you had a migraine..is it gone now? i have a bad history of those myself…the pain is horrendous (we’ve discussed this before i think). what do you do for yours? hope you feel better.  
    Amores Perros is next on my list… : )

  4. Hey there.. yes a trip like that would be amazing! And yes! I want to know your new recommendation now please :).
    I’m sending energy your way…I know that weak feeling after a migraine, you feel like you’re always on the verge of getting it back and you’re afraid to move too much. Yeah..I really hope you feel better soon. Take care!

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