in class today, I noticed one of my friends looked sad and asked her if
she was ok…  surprised that I noticed she went on to tell me
she was having problems in her relationship with her partner and was
planning to end it as she felt she needed to focus on her career … we
got talking about it and I wondered why the two (career and
relationship) need to clash at all
!!! … and asked her to be sure she was making the right decision …
to be true to herself, as to why she was doing whatever she was doing
… and then we went on to the eternal argument in class about optimism
and pessimism and two of them felt they were realists being pessimistic
!!! … and we argued about it as I am seen as the eternal optimist …
which I guess I am 🙂 … I felt it was absurd
that someone wanted to be convinced to be optimistic and here I was
doing just that … and I said I am the kind of person who, when
falling off a cliff,  would try to figure out what good was gonna
come of it 😉 do i mean that? … let me think about it …

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  1. hey, thanks for the hurricane support : ) you optimist, you!!! and don’t worry about that survey, yeah that was a long one eh? lol i was totally bored. goodnight and have a great saturday.

  2. yeh seems i am that type too…i would be falling and from the time i left the precipice to the moment i can up to the ground i would be saying okay like what is the benefit here…always looking for the good. in all and yet even though i still write optimistic of love i feel love eludes me every step of the way…. like a cruel scenerio…in a play… i want a re write and i want that story that says i get to experience it all…lol well guess i will stay with the words that i know that i feel that i can state with all that is me…katie thanks for your words as always. 🙂

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