…rushing back home after a long day … one of those days when, however
hard you try things seem to happen only to you … missing trains,
buses, elevators, all just as you reach them … red lights winking at
you just as you long to hold on to the “greenie” … bright sunshine
when all you are hoping for is some rain … and now, pushing forward
to reach home and the lady in front of you seems to have just the right
speed to remain there – in front of you! … so we walk a couple of
blocks together, me behind her … and then there is a red light and I
finally catch up and find satisfaction in standing beside her … as my
tired eyes get tired staring at the red light, they wander towards the
oncoming traffic and I see the lone car speeding up to keep up with his
greenie … just then, my walking partner takes a strident step forward
and reflexively I start too, but remembering the lone car I hold back
abruptly … my walking partner sees my reaction and jumps back seeing
the car, but then I realize that the lights have changed and so the car
stops and we walk, now with me in the lead … and I chuckle to myself
and hear my walking partner chuckle too … the next block we part ways
without a word passing between us … but we seem to have shared so
much more … a moment of fun – together! … sometimes i wonder what
would have happened if I had spoken to her … maybe we could have
walked together and the walk might have suddenly seemed short !!


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  1. this is so interesting and so true…you never ever know what would happen. life is so amazing that way..always an adventure. hey..i went to blockbuster today. i had motorcycle diaries in my hand. i turned around and noticed that the line was unbelievably long and i lost patience and walked out. lol…i will try again another time  : ) i read the back and it looked good too. take care.

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