As I looked, like every other day

I saw something, which some might say

was an illusion, but i know that

though a dreamer, it was not

a dream, but more like a vision

showing me, through an apparition

what I’ve been missing all along

like hearing the music, but missing the song

and not appreciating, the real merit

of what will always be my spirit!!


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  1. here are your answers…and before that, I love this poem!
    To answer m_india (wow this is long!): 1. I know I’ve had many experiences dealing with race which definitely affected how passionate I am about it, but most of them happened after I became interested in it, so when I try and think back to a specific age or moment when it began, I really have no idea how I ever got this way. The “why” part…because in its simplest form – it’s just unfair. It confuses, disappoints and saddens me all at once that one person will not only judge another person based on something so ridiculous, but literally hate an entire group of people..hate them..without ever having met them. It’s so unfair and so cruel. So I take all of my confusion, disappointment and sadness and use it to fuel this passion of mine. Some people think I’m nuts..I don’t care : ). 2. I received an Instant Message from someone I met in a religion chat room a very long time ago. He was from Egypt and we spoke only briefly. He explained to me some of his beliefs and told me he appreciated how accepting I was of hearing them. In April of this year, he sent me another Instant Message saying nothing except the words of a poem, which I have never heard before. At first it freaked me out a little, and then I heard it was a poem by Rumi…and it was then that I fell in love. Not with him, but with Rumi : ). The poem is so good that I’m going to share it here, right now:
    From the beginning of my lifeI have been looking for your facebut today I have seen it
    Today I have seenthe charm, the beauty,the unfathomable graceof the facethat I was looking for
    Today I have found youand those who laughedand scorned me yesterdayare sorry that they were not lookingas I did
    I am bewildered by the magnificenceof your beautyand wish to see youwith a hundred eyes
    My heart has burned with passionand has searched foreverfor this wondrous beautythat I now behold
    I am ashamedto call this love humanand afraid of Godto call it divine
    Your fragrant breathlike the morning breezehas come to the stillness of the gardenYou have breathed new life into meI have become your sunshineand also your shadow
    My soul is screaming in ecstacyEvery fiber of my beingis in love with you
    Your efflugencehas lit a fire in my heartfor methe earth and sky
    My arrow of lovehas arrived at the targetI am in the house of mercyand my heartis a place of prayer
    3. Quite honestly and after much thought and depending on the situation..I think I would lie. Recently I found out that a non-blood-related aunt has leukemia and doesn’t have too long to live. This same aunt left my blood-related aunt after an 18-year relationship (they’re gay obviously) and my blood-related aunt went into a severe depression afterward. They haven’t spoken to each other in a few years since. So now, after hearing this news, the aunt dying of leukemia doesn’t want my aunt to know because she may go off the deep end. So I’ve been holding it in and won’t ever tell her (although I want to) because I know she won’t be able to handle it. 4. No, although some do remain secrets forever, I don’t think they need to, nor do I think they should. Usually a secret has connotations of something bad or dirty..and no matter what it is or how bad, it always frees your mind to release them. 5. No I haven’t experienced that. Forgiveness is something I don’t do easily when it comes to certain things. It’s something (i’m being honest here) that I don’t feel I need to do at this point, with specific experiences. I feel like I have a right not to forgive those things, and still be at peace with myself. I feel like there is a way to free yourself from the hurt and anger and pain without forgiving the person who caused it. If forgiving means freeing yourself from pain…then it should be called that and not “forgiving”. lol….maybe it’s a question of semantics for me. lol. ……terrific questions, thank you. sorry for taking up your screen here lol

  2. ryc: 4. If the secret could hurt someone else, and I knew they couldn’t handle it, like your #3 question…then  no, I wouldn’t tell them. 5. About being nasty…I can be too, lol,  but like you, it really takes a lot for me to get to that point. And afterward, yes I feel like total crap and very guilt-ridden (stomach is in knots, etc.). And I’ll let you know if my opinion changes on forgiveness…there is still a lot of life to live for things to change. : ) …I hope!

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