Do you know how it feels to be in love?
The sweetness everywhere –
in the smiles of strangers;
in the cute antics of a child;
in the music playing in your ears;
in the skies above?
How suddenly everything takes on a new feel
and you feel as though –
you could be anyone, could do anything
and your life seems to have a meaning
and you live in the here and now?

I do, and I hope you do …

Do you know how it feels to have your heart broken?
The pain everywhere –
how you forget to smile
how that song now hurts you
how you can’t seem to breathe
how you envy the dead?
And you wish you had never
known the joy of ever
having been loved
cause now though dying
you’ve to pretend you are alive?

I do, and I hope you never do …


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  1. oh wow, this is amazing, this poem!!! you capture those pure feelings (good and bad) so very well.
    ryc: thanks for your advice, i really appreciate it. about me worries, i was watching a show “real world Austin” on mtv and the guy’s mother died..and he was so crushed by it and so unprepared and so far away.. he started crying like a baby, and well …then his friends started crying like babies..and yes..then I started crying like a baby lol

  2. yes, take your time with that nationstates thing…i have no idea when i’ll even be able to get around to it lol, it’s kinda involved. but it’s neat.  i giggled about your crying comment lol.

  3. M_India: Yes I am brave. 🙂 I posted these answers on my comments too.
    1. Being insightful, I think that is a good trait
    2. Worrisome, I sometimes worry too much over little things. I am working on this!
    3. Yes it certainly does!
    4. I strive to be a better parent by being accessible, open-minded and honest.  Having open communication with my daughter is important too.

  4. wow that is a cool poem…and unfortuantly i like you have experinced both emotions..the love part is great, but the heartbreak sux!

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