Isnt it amazing?

being in a world, so filled with beauty
yet no one, to share all this gaiety!

Isnt it amazing?

pining for someone to call my own
when its far easier to get me a clone!

Isnt it amazing?

all my life i wait for the right one
but guess i’d more likely end up a nun!

Isnt it amazing?

that when you finally find your soulmate
is when you hand your life over to fate!


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  1. what a great poem you have here 🙂
    ryc: yes Malcolm Gladwell also did Blink, which came after the Tipping Point. I work in a professional development dept and we run a management/leadership library, and i’ve been ordering tons of books, one of which is Blink..i read a couple chapters of it too and it looked good, but then someone told me to read the Tipping Point first…so that’s what I’m doing. So far, it’s really interesting. It gives really good examples of how a small group of people (or one person) create massive change which leads to a “tipping point” or epidemic of sorts. He goes on to describe different personality types which may be a factor in these epidemics, but that personality alone isn’t what causes it, etc. But yes, I highly recommend it. Another good one is called Bowling Alone (similar subject) but I don’t know the author.

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