“I’ve heard of living at the center, but what about
leaving the center of the center?
Flying toward thankfulness, you become
the rare bird with one wing made of fear,
and one of hope. In autumn,
a rose crawling along the ground in the cold wind.
Rain on the roof runs down and out by the spout
as fast as it can.
Talking is pain.
Lie down and rest,
now that you’ve found a friend to be with.”

(taken from ‘The Sea of Tears’ by Nani Power)


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  1. I’ve always wondered how to answer the question, “If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would you choose?” and I’d think of several people. Hands down though, it would be Rumi. He is amazing to me. Thank you for posting this and you are so good to me with your comments…I really appreciate them and will follow your advice. : ) Take care.
    Hey..where are you living?

  2. i agree with u on that cocci… wouldnt it be great to meet Rumi???… frankly, i wouldnt have anything to ask him though… i would just be dumbfounded *LOL*

  3. lol same here but at some point i’d force something out of my mouth!! wow, so you’re living in nyc, that’s quite a ways from India. I hope you’re liking it so far..is it a very huge change?

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