…They say it is not important. It always is. They say you can’t buy
it. You can’t. They say it comes quickly, like a tidal wave. It does.
Suddenly, it is here. They say you have no control, that there is no
mercy. There is no control or mercy. We are all its victims. We all
surrender. We all succumb.
You are thinking of it now, wondering where it is, where it went. It is
behind you or in front. It is elusive. It will come when called.
Be ready. Be alert.
Your time is coming

…Love always feels right. It is a clicking in place, isn’t it? I suppose.

(taken from “The Sea of Tears” by Nani Power)


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  1. so true and it is illusive it seems and then so bold in front of you when you were not looking…you put it aside the look and then there it is…behind you gently tapping your shoulder….I have been ready always…I anticipate it’s arrival and smile for the day it arrives…love is a fitting of two pieces that parted in another life and when they meet like magnets they click in a rush and stick with such force…nothing can seperate the pull….

  2. i’m so happy to know you. you really inspire me, honest… wow, you’ve been through a lot! if you could see my face you’d see it looking “amazed” at the courage it must have taken for you to make that leap…wow. that’s awesome. i really hope that you learn a lot from this and that it takes you places you’ve always dreamed of. i really liked when you mentioned ‘who have i been sleeping with my whole life’ lol…that really struck a chord! and life is so short, isn’t it?..wow, it’s wonderful what you’re doing. you need to write your own book instead of reading everyone else’s books (which are wonderful too by the way..i want to get The Sea of Tears!) audio engineering eh? …you go!

  3. ryc: wow, that’s really odd…i am too! i never want to say anything because i’m afraid that once i say it, i may jinx myself or something and it will never happen..but yes, i’m in the research phase at the moment and trying to formulate interview questions, etc. it’s slow-going (hard when you have a busy job). but it’s my passion, so i’ll get there. wow, that’s terrific..i wish you all the best with it, i’ll be first in line to buy your book – and you better sign it!!!!

  4. ryc: proofread???? wow, you’re in luck! i absolutely love proofreading, spelling, grammar, anything having to do with words. yup, if ya need help with that, i’d be honored : )
    i’m laughing ..because after having said all that…i’m counting how many grammatical errors are found in this comment lol. but hey, in this venue it doesn’t count right? 

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