They surge through me like raindrops lashing on the windscreen of a
helpless car stuck in a traffic jan on a rainy night. Emotions are so
strong, raw, pure, whatever – it takes a lot of courage to acknowledge
your emotions as your ‘own’. And then to just let them be!
To allow it to course through your mind like the blood in your veins.
Let your feelings take over completely for that ‘moment’ – that
defining moment in your life. Just remember to take over before you
lose yourself completely 🙂
For what are emotions without someone to ‘own’ them.
Listening to the radio, I hear this song…”But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for..”
It brings tears to my eyes and I feel something strong grip my heart,
only for a couple of seconds – and then the feeling passes.
What am I looking for? And what happens if I find what I’m looking for?
Is realization almost always not as good/fulfilling as the expectation?
Is that an escapist denial mode for one afraid to make that commitment?

I don’t know what I mean, …. do you?


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  1. only a few moments and one can be brought to tears perhaps that letter, perhaps that shirt , perhaps that scent of oil, perhaps perhaps…and then gone you cry you stop you cry again…who controls that mechanism of tears..who who who…so i can turn it off for a time…so i can sleep…love your words…

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