I was tagged by starting_over_1_more_time to do this exercise.

Find five things you could be and complete the sentence on how it would contribute to society:

1. I could be a composer and make such lovely musical compositions that would soothe every soul on this earth.
2. I could be a writer and write about every injustice happening around the world and mobilise public opinion against it.
3. I could be a stage performer and move audiences with stories of love and courage.
4. I could be a film maker and make people believe in dreams and have the courage to follow their dreams.
5. I could be a good human being and create joy and happiness among my circle of family and friends.

Thanks Lara for thinking of me … 🙂

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  1. What great answers!  I really liked #5 – I’m so glad I tagged you!  In fact, if you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you more questions!  Just about you a bit – let me know if you mind 🙂

  2. thanks cocci … u r a sweetheart !! 🙂
    …and Lara, thanks for the compliment! … and hey, friends dont need to ask me if I mind anything!! Please ask me anything you want to, I will surely answer 🙂

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