Got this one from a good friend :

The Glass Lake

Frozen ripples
on the sands of time
left long ago
by a Lake
that chose to dream…

As the moon smiled at her
In his full radiance
She dreamt one night
that it’s waves were shining
not in the moonlight
but with the glow of her own…

at that instant
the lake wanted to be
a river
to traverse through dark jungles
and carve path between rocks…

it wanted to be the sea
with its endless little fingers
that touches thousand hearts of distant shores…

it wanted to
become vapour
like the fragrance of silent Lilies
that ascend to god’s distant throne
like secret prayers…

it wanted to
become a rain-drop
and for a lover’s lonely nights
cascade like tears
and grace the Earth

The Lake dreamt and lost itself
Till the full moon
Quiety crept away…

And loud Sun declared its arrival

The Lake chose to dream
and stands today with its
frozen ripples
like a wisp…
like a sigh…
and sand gone dry…


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  1. that’s so very pretty 🙂   Thanks for subscribing to my site – I’m sorry that it took me soooo long to get back here!  I just found out how to view who has subscribed to me!!!  I’m glad I did, becuase I think I’ll enjoy your site!

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