The person that thinks the most wins – by Robin Sharma

“…Too many people are asleep at the wheel of their own lives. Too many people are living their lives by accident. Too many people are so busy running through their days that they do not think about where they are going and why they are running. Here’s a powerful formula I share with my coaching clients: spend a third of your time thinking (planning, evaluating, analyzing and building awareness), a third of your time doing (acting on your goals, making things happen) and a third of your time on communicating (coaching, building relationships, evangelizing around your hopes and dreams).

Get up in the morning and think. Review your plans and spot your limitations. Reflect on how you are working and living and commit to making course-corrections to get better. Think about what needs to happen during your day in order for you to feel you have lived fully and greatly. Remember, as you live your days, so you craft your life. Your days really are your life in miniature. And also remember: when you think better, you will do better.”



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  1. Live your life well, yes.Thank you for your words of encouragement. They certainly are wonderful men, and I am much-blessed to have them in my life.-IJ

  2. I often wonder about this. Why am I doing what I do every day? Is it because I enjoy it or is it just to pay bills to get me somewhere else. Will I ever get to that place, and do I know what “that place” is?
    What am I doing?? I always come to that question. “what am i doing and why?”. I noticed yesterday that I was eating my lunch so quickly because i was in ‘rush mode’ at work. I finished my lunch in ten minutes and had fifty more minutes left to sit there. We do so many things not even realizing what the purpose is for….thank you for this reminder.

  3. I know where I am, where I want to go…but I am not sure why. I have a underlying need to hurry up and get there…but time has become my enemy.  Sometimes I think…I think too much, without enough action.

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