ever felt as though everything about life is new?

the same routine … morning exercise, getting ready for work

at work … same office, colleagues, activities

and still theres this feeling of immense joy

with no special reason …. or is there?

Ah, life … bliss 🙂


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  1. Reaching this point is so difficult ..but I try to do this every day. It had a lot to do with staying in my current job. I wanted something “different and new”..but I was reaching outside instead of inside myself for happiness. It will be work no matter which company it is called. I will have the same ups and downs. This applies to every part of life. So I want to be happy inside, no matter what goes on outside. You put it nicely..bliss. 🙂 You always make me think – thank you so much.

  2. i love that feeling….. that ignorant view of an open plane clear and crisp….. limitless…. endless…. timeless…. serene… is this view i get…. of a life so energizingly calm….. of warmth….. optimism… refreshingly reassuring….
    and then i wake up.

    but thank you. for taking me there. again.

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