the past couple of months have been quite interesting, to say the least!! … life has always been like an assorted bag of goodies for me … but guess what i realized … i have not been looking into my bag all this while …

there was a period of utter chaos confusion and pain … and then there was this stillness, a kind of uneasy calm … i felt as though i was drowning in the vast ocean of life and no one could help!! … it was as though my suffering was completely mine to bear … and out of a courage born out of extreme compulsion, i used all my energy to swim towards the shore … and i am still swimming … but funnily, my energy seems to be only increasing … rather NOW i know what i can do … sometimes, risking all you have is the only way to know how far you can go …

i risked it all … all that i have built up as a career i have given up and am now standing as though at the end of a cliff … perhaps i will jump, question being when not if … all that i have worked on in terms of a relationship, i have given up and moved on … now i know the feeling of being at the starting point of a race or a walk or anything for that matter … and guess what, i am not afraid … perhaps thrilled and definitely open to infinite possibilities … and the song in my heart right now is … “I will Survive”!!!

Take care & keep that smile on always …


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  1. HAHAHHAHA!! I know that feeling, I know that internal push. What do you do with it? that is the question of the ages. Right on, ‘I will survive’! Hell yeah. I am very impressed by your site. awesome work. Go with care. -CyTerrin

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