Since we’re all unique we may all have differing interpretations of the term ‘ascension’, but the end destination is the same no matter which way you look at it. What follows is a brief introduction to the topic of ‘ascension’ and what it means to me.


ascend – to go or move up (a ladder, hill or slope).


If we apply this meaning to our own lives you may begin to see what is transpiring. Look at our world, can you see that great change is upon us? Certain aspects of ourselves don’t work anymore, and each individual will have their own personal issues to identify and transform. It doesn’t matter what the issue is, the fact is that change is here…do we choose to ignore it and continue to feel uncomfortable in situations that no longer serve us? or do we choose to walk where we’ve not been thus inviting new aspects of ourselves back to ourselves? This is a ‘freewill’ Universe and so as always the decision lies with you.


The ascension realisation is about the upliftment of the individual and the planet as a whole. The Earth requires to move to a new vibration, as does the human race. This new vibration is one of love. This love has no limits or no boundaries, it is unconditional love, it is given freely and accepted freely with no strings attached. What we find ourselves in at the moment is the transition period between two destinations. As said we are on the move to a new vibration but there is baggage in this present reality that is no longer useful in the new one we are creating hence we are letting go. The old ways are crumbling and the new is just finding its feet. The structures of power are changing. To the undeveloped eye it may seem that nothing is afoot yet the rumblings and quakes have already begun. The people and this Earth are truly operating as One being…we all take birth from the One source…there is no separation in the act of creation. As we transform our lives the Earth transforms hers and as she exorcises her ghosts she gives us the opportunity to do so also. The ascension is about taking your power back and using it for the good of the whole. We are connected to every intricate facet of each other whether we choose to accept it or not. Every action/reaction we make is linked to all of us in one way or another. As you learn to transform your old issues through love, you also give the ability to the world to transform that issue through love. The Earth has a global library and we all have access to its books and wealth of knowledge, now everytime someone transforms or conquers a limiting situation a new book is written and added to the library, everyone and anyone has access to the lessons learnt within that book….so as a whole we all just benefited from the work of one soul transforming an aspect of their life. Since many issues are now facing us for clearing many millions of books are being added to this library and with the addition of more books comes the acquisition of more knowledge, more knowledge of our truth…thus we are ascending, we are waking up together.


The ascension plan has many aspects and some scenarios are played out on the world stage. At this point in time there are still many who don’t take notice of an ‘overly active Earth’ or her overly active political, social and environmental patterns, people usually choose to take note when the scenario has landed at their feet, and if this is the wake up call they desire I’m sure it’ll come.


We are learning how to become masters of our own destiny. We were born into a system that impacted its limitations and restrictions upon us before we had the chance to object….it seems we had no choice in the matter (?). As we take our power and energy back it is we once more who will choose how we live our lives. When love becomes the driving force for our ambitions our achieved results will be more than we could of ever imagined. Each of us has a certain passion for something, there is something that we love doing and when we do it it doesn’t feel like work. Within this ‘something’ probably lies part of our ‘mission’. Our mission is the purpose that will lead us to the most fulfillment and enlightenment in this life. At present some of us reside in positions that don’t enable us to fulfill our ‘missions’, if this is the case we may feel agitated towards our current work. At the same time we may have a passion for something that inspires us and gives us great joy….it is not hard to fathom out which career you will ultimately gravitate towards, the road to get there will be as tough as you choose to make it…so how tough do you choose? it is you who controls the show. When you make the move to be in position to carry out your mission you are also enabling countless others to do the same (you’ve added another book to the library), you’ll be operating from a major part of your being, aligned with your own purpose. The purpose of Source/Self.


What I’ve given you is my ‘personal’ introduction to the topic of ascension. Ascension is not something we may or may not learn to better ourselves…ascension is a very real episode in Earth’s history that is unfolding as we speak. At a given point, the Earth’s ascension will be complete. Those who have chosen to take part will move to a higher vibration and this vibration will be one of love, a very potent love, it will be the love of yourself. You will recognise the many disguises and layers that you chose to hide yourself from yourself with and when you see the light and feel the love you will affirm that in this new vibration you will never lose sight of your true self again.




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