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Personal Greeting from Robin Sharma: The Power Of Your Associations

There’s a line that I have been sharing with audiences at my presentations and workshops these days and it can be simply stated:  “You are who you have lunch with.”  As you enter into what I hope will be your best year yet, take a few moments to reflect on the fact that you become who you associate with.  You will take on the thinking, philosophies and even the behaviors of the people who you spend most of your time with.  Often, this process occurs at an unconscious level and we don’t even know we are being influenced by those around us.  Trust that there is great power in association and we do become deeply affected by the company we keep.

Are you spending time with people who are living the kind of life you dream of living?  Are you having conversations with your heroes?  Do your friends and associates uplift you and inspire you to stand for something greater than you currently are?  Or do they bring you down and frustrate you – limiting you and your possibilities?  And remember: your associations not only come in human forms.  I do believe that we become the books we read because reading is nothing more than having a conversation with the author.  When we read books written by the greatest among us, the highest place within us can be stirred and the ideas that we learn can compel us to take the new action that creates better results. The big idea: as we learn more, we can do more.  And as we know better, we can choose better.

We are at the beginning of a new year.  I gently challenge you to record at least 10 of the lessons you learned from the year that has passed onto a piece of paper.  Then, articulate, not only the goals that are important for you to achieve in 2005 but the philosophy you want to live your professional as well as your personal life by over the coming months.  Setting your intentions down onto paper sets into play powerful causes that will yield wonderful effects.  And as you do this reflection and goal-setting exercise, think about your associations.  Think about the people you choose to surround yourself with.  Think about your environmental influences and what you are allowing into the precious palace of your mind.  I know you know this:  what goes on inside determines what goes on on the outside.  Your thinking does form your world.  And we can only act on the ideas that are in our minds.  When we know better, we truly can do better. With better awareness you can make better choices.  I wish you and those you love a magnificent 2005.

In leadership and with love,
robin sharma

taken from http://robinsharma.com/newsletter/jan2005/index.html


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