i am disturbed … lots of reasons for me to be this way … how easy it is to preach all about keeping calm and positive approach and all that … when you are in a situation, all this talk falls flat somewhere …

i am having a tough time with someone close to me … someone who is family … i know we love each other a lot and she knows it too … i know she is going thru a rough time and also dealing with serious depression and all that … but i am at a loss at what i should do … am doing whatever i can … seriously I AM … but i can see its not enough … nothing is working and i fear i am losing her … there have been many occasions when i have barely managed to save our relationship … and held on … now, i am scared shit that things are going out of control again … and FAST …

i am not religious but do believe in the power of prayers … my soul feels numb and i am not sure whether i am in touch with my own self … so i am not sure whether i am praying or not … i am unable to listen to whats happening within me as i am waiting in apprehension about what i fear is going to happen …

sometimes, i wish we didnt have all these problems and issues pouring down on us with such precision and regularity … i wish i could take a ‘time out’ or just say ‘hold it for a sec’ to whoever is throwing all this at me …

save me!!


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