thanks a ton friends … all your comments have brought my smile back 🙂 guess each one of u has a point …

i know there has to be a balance in life between our happiness and the happiness of those dear to us … and mainly, i agree it is attitude …

‘coz if i were living my life for making others happy and they did not notice or are not happy, then guess i must have gone wrong somewhere … anger or feeling hurt or any such strong negative emotion can not only blur my vision but also make me react in ways that might defeat my entire purpose … my goal!!

it is not that i am taking all blame but these are people i genuinely care about and their happiness means a lot to me so i need to work on recognizing where i am going wrong and rectify it, right? …

this is a very difficult path as it is so easy to give up saying ‘i can’t do it anymore, maybe noone will ever understand me!’ … but with so many caring friends to guide me on the way, i can’t go wrong, can I? *smiles*

Have a nice day. God bless you.


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  1. as healers it’s natural to always be there for humanity, our love ones, and friends.
    stength to you and lots of hugs. enjoy your path 😉

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