You can fret about what life hands you. Or you can put your
energy into doing something positive and meaningful with it.

You can complain about the weather, and your complaints will
not bring about a single ray of sunshine. Or you can adjust
your actions to suit the conditions, and move positively
forward no matter what.

You can worry about what others think of you. Or you can
give life to the best that you expect of yourself.

You can curse the setbacks. Or you can find in them the
motivation and the means to reach ever higher.

You can wait and wait for the perfect opportunity, until
everything is lined up just right. Or you can move ahead
with what’s available here and now, even though it may not
be perfect.

If you wait around for life to hand you all the good things
you want, you’re likely to be terribly disappointed. Yet
when you take what you have and run with it, life will get
better and better.


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  1. I like this very much. You have captured the thing that perplexes me about some people that can’t adapt and overcome. Some people have to adhere completely to a plan whether it works or not. Some people can’t stick to a plan even if it works like a charm. To be a complete and productive person, one has to know when to use each scenario to one’s best advantage.beautifully put

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