hey guys, last night i saw a malayalam movie called ‘aparijithan’ (malayalam is a south indian language) and it dealt with the ‘ouija’ board and stuff (calling the spirits and asking them questions etc) … anyone who has used one successfully?? … i sure have tried but not really got to interact with any spirits … 🙂

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  1. My husband and I used one before. It never worked. I think it’s because we don’t believe in it at all. He is from India and kept over-analyzing if his dead grandmother would be able to speak English or Tamil on the board! We ended up laughing a lot!

  2. thanx for sharing!!
    guess u r right, it depends a lot on what u believe in … and perhaps, for those who believe in it it might bring forth what might be hidden deep in their own subconscious, what do u think?

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