so did i tell u guys that i got myself a new bicycle this sunday !! yipppeeeee … sometimes i think v could reach faster on a cycle than in a car …

anyway, one more lovely thing that happened was that i have resumed going for tennis !! yipppeeeee … guess, its like waking up after a long deep sleep refreshed and getting to work with gusto … ha, what a comparison … what i am really trying to say is that i am back to getting my life (and many other things) into shape …  … u have a nice day!!


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  1. thanks for subbing! hooray for your new bike! believe it or not, i don’t know how to ride one! ((embarassed)) go ahead and laugh at me, everyone else does! lol. anyway, that’s fab that you’re getting into shape!

  2. >thanks jennie … yes me settling in 🙂
    >thanks dear tosha and thanks to the one and only libran tigress for being what you are … i liked what i saw and hence i subbed, so its my pleasure !!!
    >and believe me dear tigress, i wont laugh at you … nor will the others if you decide to learn to ride a bicycle, right?

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