OK .. here are my responses to Jennie Tidbitz who was the only sweet soul to actually respond to my July 25th post …

My responses to what you know:

Yes, Hindus are the majority in India but there are so many other religions coexisting here including Muslims, Christians, Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jews …

About dairy production in the east, well frankly i am not sure i knew that … can check it up for you if u want me to … i know that still agriculture is the main occupation and that  we have more people in agriculture than anywhere else in the world … i also know that this trend is changing ….

and as for clothes, Indian women wear a lot of saree, salwaar kameez, churidhars, kurtas, and also skirts, and other ‘western outfits’ like shirts, t shirts, jeans, pants, etc etc etc …

My responses to what you would like to know:

Now this is a bit tricky, but here is my bit … i believe the poor are treated like crap everywhere (not only in India) … but to answer your question, yes they are treated like crap in many places by many people for various reasons (which dont matter as it is wrong anyway!!) … caste system still exists and there are many acitivists and dedicated organizations working to remove it … at the same time, there are many instances of the rich helping the poor and daily there are many instances of philanthropists helping the lesss fortunate and daily instances of random acts of kindness happening here …

Mother Teresa’s (God bless her!!) organization still works not only in Calcutta but in many other parts of the world … i cud get u more info on it if u r interested … (have u read ‘city of joy’ by dominique lapierre?)

Hmmm, Tibetans are actually present mostly in certain northern states in India, not really in the south … so their presence is felt more there … i am from the south so i cannot really comment on that … but from what i am aware of there is no hidden animosity or disturbance from their presence for the majority of the people (who r busy figuring out their own problems:) …

And now to answer your other queries:

Quite frankly, I feel the biggest misconception of Indians is that life is all a bed of roses in the US (no offence meant)

And about us being stereotyped, it happens a lot and believe me every community faces a lot of that !!! … of course, we are not all Hindus AND we are not a country of only snake charmers, elephant tamers, sadhus and bearded saints, etc AND our women have a lot to put up with but are still coming into all fields and I am from a State with a lady as chief minister of the State AND we are very aware of whats happening around the world and so on … 🙂 (that was based on my personal experiences when I had visited many States in the US and met many lovely people and was asked some really ridiculous questions about India and Indians 🙂

And finally, I have friends who might be any of the religions u  mentioned … and more 🙂

Thanks once again jennie … and do feel free to ask if you want to know anything more …!!


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  1. hey jennie, do let me know when u r serious about visiting India … i will arrange a good trip for you here (both in the North & South), and I can assure you it will be a trip you will never forget 🙂

  2. hi i didnt actually read the previous post because i only came across ur xanga today (through astimari’s) anywho after reading this one, i remembered something which i read a while ago. its kinda amusing so i thought id paste it here for u.Q. What does that red dot on women’s forehead mean? A. Well, in ancient times, Indian men used to practice archery skills by target practicing by aiming at their wife’s red dot. In fact, that is one of the reasons why they had many wives. You see, once they mastered the art of archery and hit the target…. Q. You’re from India? I have read so much about the country. All the wonderful places, the forests, the snake charmers, the elephants. Do you still use elephants for transportation? A. Absolutely. In fact we used to have our own elephant in our house. But later, we started participating in elephant-ride sharing schemes with our neighbors, to save the air. You see elephants have an “emissions” problem….. Q. Does India have cars? A. No. We ride elephants to work. The government is trying to encourage ride-sharing schemes. Q. Does India have TV? A. No. We only have cable. Q. Are all Indians vegetarian? A. Yes. Even tigers are vegetarian in India. Q. How come you speak English so well? A. You see when the British were ruling India, they employed Indians as servants. It took too long for the Indians to learn English. So the British isolated an “English-language” gene and infused their servants’ babies with it and since then all babies born are born speaking English. Q. Are you a Hindi? A. Yes. I am spoken everyday in Northern India. Q. Do you speak Hindu? A. Yes, I also speak Jewish, Islam and Christianity. Q. Is it true that everyone there is very corrupt? A. Yes, in fact, I had to bribe my parents so that they would let me go to school. Q. India is very hot, isn’t it? A. It is so hot there that all the water boils spontaneously. That is why tea is such a popular drink in India. Q. Are there any business companies in India? A. No. All Indians live on the Gandhian principles of self-sufficiency. We all make our own clothes and grow our own food. That is why you see all these thin skinny Indians — it is is a lot of hard work. Q. Indians cannot eat beef, huh? A. Cows provide milk which is a very essential part of Indian diet. So eating cows is forbidden. However in order to decrease the population of the country, the government is trying to encourage everyone to eat human meat. Q. India is such a religious place. Do you meditate regularly? A. Yes, sometimes I meditate for weeks without food and drink. But it is difficult to keep my job, because I have to miss work when I meditate like that. But the bosses there do the same thing. That is why things are so inefficient there. Q. I saw on TV that people there walk on burning coals. Why do they do that? A. We don’t have shoes. So we burn the bottom of our feet to make it hard so that we can walk. Q. Why do you sometimes wear Indian clothes to work? A. I prefer it to coming naked.

  3. what is it like living in india? i was born in sri lanka but moved to london when i was five so dont remember much. i am definitely going back one day (not to live, i couldnt stand the heat) and want to stop off at india too. theres such so much culture and beauty there.

  4. well thivya, to answer ur question – it’s great living in India …!! why??? … frankly, i may not be able to explain it but u know … it’s HOME 🙂
    its not like i have not been anywhere else and therefore i like living in India or anything like that … i have been to nepal, japan and usa and i think living in India is …well, living in India 😀
    jokes apart, u r right … theres so much culture and beauty here … and sadly, most of us living in India have not been able to travel to different parts of India to see it in its entirety … there is so much of variety here that what u see in the south is different from the north or east or west …!!! even in the south, the 4 states have so much that is entirely theirs that the diversity is mind boggling when we travel around …
    hope i answered u !! … and do stop over in India if u get the chance and let me know if theres anything i can do for u to make ur visit more pleasant …

  5. I wanna go to India. But there is a part of me that thinks I would want to stay.  Isnt that weird?  I dream of traveling.  Africa and India…mostly.  Now of course to visit Dharamasala…and maybe Tibet….but the Chinese people scare me.

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