Hey I have always wondered what all of you think about India/Indians, so here is your chance to get some information (if you are interested to know!!) about my country and its people šŸ™‚

So let me put it this way, answer the following:

1. What are the 3 things you know about India/Indians?

2. What are the 3 things you want to know about India/Indians?

3. If you have ever been to India, where have you been to and when?

4. And as a bonus, what would you like to know about me in my status as an Indian?

Looking forward to some fun …. Happy Sunday to you!!


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  1. Questions 2 & 4 are almost the same.
    I will answer this way:
    I think I know this:  Indians are generally, Muslim or Hindu…not all Indians are Hindu.
    I think I know that India has a huge section in the east that is primarily dairy production.
    I think that Indian women wear beautiful summer clothes around here.  They look comfy.
    I would like to know if the poor are still treated like crap and if there is still the old …. your low because you did something in a past life and we wont help you because of it….
    I would like to know what is happening where Mother Teresa used to take care of the poor. 
    I would like to know what Indians think if Tibetans in their country.  Is it really ok?  Or is there a hidden animosity or disturbance form their presence?
    I have never been to India.  But I would love to visit.  I would like to tour India…from North to South.
    What do you think is the biggest misconception of Indians?  How do you feel about Indians being stereotyped as all Hindu?  I know it irks me. LOL.
    Do you have any personal friends or know people of other religions besides Hindu or Buddhist or Muslim?  Like for instance:  Jains, Sikhs, Catholic, Jewish, etc.

  2. Thanks jennie!! … for ur answers as well as for pointing out my error (which i have rectified!!:) … will get back to you on ur comment shortly … !!

  3. My love, I’m so sorry!! I want to reply to this..and I will, I just now came across it. However, give me some time to think about these things. I’m at work now, but from home, I will reply to you…because this is my passion to know about other cultures, etc. Thank you for the post you made after this one to remind those of us who ignored you (not on purpose of course!!)
    Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. 1. What are the 3 things you know about India/Indians? 1. I know that I despise when I hear someone calling a person from India a “dothead” or naming them all “Habib”. It turns my stomach. 2. I have known a few people from India in my life..and all were caring and wonderful people. 3. I can’t (honestly) say I know anything further.
    2. What are the 3 things you want to know about India/Indians? 1. I was a friend’s Maid of Honor at her wedding. She married a man from Pakistan..his whole family was wonderful. Is India separate from Pakistan? 2. What is the general feeling of Indians toward Americans? 3. What are some of the well known cultures or traditions of India?
    3. If you have ever been to India, where have you been to and when? Unfortunately, I’ve never been – but really want to before I die!
    4. And as a bonus, what would you like to know about me in my status as an Indian? I’d like to know some of (if any) encounters you’ve had dealing with racism and how you’ve dealt with it/them?
    Thank you!

  5. hey cocci … thanx for the response … here are my answers dear …
    1. Yes India is separate from Pakistan, they are two different countries but they were actually one earlier !! … it was after our independance that we were split as India and Pakistan …
    2. General feeling of Indians towards Americans, well I cant really say … but as far as I have known it is a country of many opportunites and hence, has been a favorite for higher studies, work opportunities etc … as India has always been caught up in population explosion, extreme poverty, unemployment due to extreme red tapism, bureaucracy and corruption … though now things are changing and there are plenty of opportunities here itself … and now UK, Australia and other countries also hold our interest and attention …
    3. In India, there is diversity in such an abundance that I am not sure whether I can explain it here … anyway, I can tell you that every State here has a unique culture and identity (including language, customs, attire, etc …) … so every place you visit will have something unique and different …
    4. Actually, only time I have felt any bit of racism is unfortunately during my visit to the US more than a year back … perhaps timing of my visit (just after sep 11 incident) might have been a cause but I felt discriminated on the basis of being a Asian on various occassions !!! … however, racism/casteism etc majorly affects the rural and mainly the poor … sadly, others never really understand the humiliation and trauma faced by many even today !!!
    Hope I have answered your queries … thanks once again for giving me an opportunity to do so šŸ™‚

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