now that i am done with ‘The Da Vinci Code’ which was niiiice, i am onto some serious reading … found this one by De Bono and have started on it …

sometimes i think theres so much happening in xanga and sometimes i end up wondering … while most people often seem to be concerned with their daily existence (which i agree is important) … why r we not looking into making our days more interesting … or joyful … do something new or unlike YOU that it makes a difference … some difference … ah, well … have a nice day folks šŸ™‚ !!

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  1. Well as for that… I am waiting to hear back from a volunteer center that is setting my daughter and I up to visit nursing homes and spend time doing activities with the older folk. That is something isnt it?   

  2. Found my way to you through the labyrinth that is xanga. I agree whole-heartedly. There are many xanga, and on the whole planet, for that matter, who live their lives vicariously through television or other forms of media. I try to make something anything happen. I guess I’m a little like peter pan in that regard. I like what you have to say. Keep writing well.asti

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