sometimes i think its so easy to indulge shamelessly in self pity and then moan and groan through your day … making like miserable not only for urself but also for everyone who interacts with you … isnt that unfair?? … dont v all enjoy being in the company of happy people or atleast cheerful optimistic persons always smiling and leaving u feeling slightly better than before? … they r the people who generate such positive energy and good vibes that everyone is drawn to them … and v r all aware of the ‘other’ types who are so pessimistic and sad all the time that u feel as though ur energy also has been sucked out of your system leaving u feeling drained … v all subconsciously avoid such people … i have always known myself to b a cheerful person and it isnt often that i reflect my emotions esp. negative or painful emotions … i know people like to spend time with me cos i make them feel better … for the past couple of weeks (or is it days??) i think i have been more like the ‘other’ types and i have been hating it !!! … now i have decided that happiness is a state of mind which only I can determine for myself … if i choose to allow others to control my emotions esp joy and happiness then i am the loser !! … so heres to my decision to be happy not only for myself but also so that anyone who interacts with me is also happy *smile*

OK … thats my blog for the day *LOL*


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  1. I can totally relate to you on this. And I find that I usually get like that after I’ve been around people who are similar. Unfortunately for me, this person is my mother. Whenever I go to visit her, I leave feeling like this completely negative and pessimistic person because she – no matter what – is always like that. Some people never learn to get out of that rut, like her. I’ve spoken to her about it and she’s perfectly happy being that way. (Hopefully one day she’ll care that how it affects others, not her.) I found that it’s better for me to not spend very long with her, even on the phone. It’s interesting to  me how quickly that old negativity seeps back into your mind without you knowing at first. Anyway…your post was very good – made me think! Thanks and enjoy your weekend!

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