isnt it amazing that sometimes the whole world seems to conspire against you … yesterday i had the unfortunate task of conducting a staff meeting where we had to remove our only male staff member from our organization because of an unhealthy dependancy developing between him and one of our clients … he happens to be my friend from college and was brought into the organization by me … of course, he interacted with all the others and i consulted the entire team about taking in a man into an all woman team … we all unanimously agreed that he seemed to be the right person as we all felt ‘safe’ with him and felt he could be depended upon not to misuse his position in an organization dealing primarily with women … ah, well !! 😦


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  1. if you do get the hrw films to come around to india, then you should check this one documentary called “When the Storm Came”
    Its about Kashmir… actually there’s a couple about India (at least one more i think) but I saw ‘Storm…’ and it was really good. In ny, they had the director come and speak afterwards to answer questions.

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