For all of you who know about me and nikki, well heres my first detailed update from my pal who was lucky enuf to get her 🙂 –

Hi da,

…and guess what, NIKKI seems to be determined to change all my peaceful lazy life, she makes sure I get up a little after her at around 6.30 AM and first thing I find myself doing is cleaning her precious golden deposits from around my cot. So as we all did , now it is just me who sleeps alooooooone in Nikki’s bathroom. The little pest almost immediately jumps at my pajamas and I am jolted into action ( jumping and screaming) to keep her at bay.

Last morning I opened my eyes to find that she had managed to get herself upto her fore feet into the binding tape roll and my first duty was to grope around to find the cutter to carefully remove the damn thing from her neck. She just did not appreciate my good intentions and rewarded me with bites and scratches. Hmm.. so much so for doing GOOD !!

So back to the routine, brushing with her in tow trying to pull my toes away from my feet, and then take her to the terrrace where she will run around the dry leaves, try and eat cement bits, put her nose into dirty corners and gallop around as if she were a horse. Quite funny she looks with her tail behaving as if it never belonged to her body dancing and swishing with such vigour.

She enjoys going to the terrace and therfore, it has become impossible to let the front door open because she just runs away.

The other day in the evening we had kept the front door open for some time and this imp ran away to the neighbour’s house. and imagine what I went in right after her bending half over wit my hands trying to catch her and found the husband and wife who were enjoying a quiet cup of tea looking at me if i were crazy to run into the house like that.. they did not see Nikki who was below eye level and then only after i picked her up did they sort of relax .. still i am not sure they were entirely convinced that i am not some sort of a creep. So she is building up friendly neighbour relations thing both of us really agree on is that applying the ointment is a bad idea; she does not like it so i dont have to tell u how i have to struggle with her … She has begun eating soya nuggets and believe it banana too. apart from telephone wires, sandals, rubber slippers, mobile charger cords, rubber balls, coir rope, socks etc.. camt recollect all of them now …So ‘nothing much’ happening in my quite life da. I just wanted to keep u posted. Just keep checking on me from time to time . OK …Thats all for now.  My love and regards to your MOM and DAD….This is ****** here from ***** reporting for NIKKI

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