as i watch my own mood swings, i realise how difficult it must be for others interacting with me on a daily basis … on some occassions i am on a total high and not a thing can get me down … i am all smiles, ever ready to help, listening intently etc etc etc … and then i get into my angry mood and then god help those who r anywhere near me or on the phone with me … i generate such intense emotions that my anger holds everyone at arm’s length … next is my hopelessly low state where even the happiest person would feel like weeping along with me … such is my pain and sorrow that i cant help but wonder wats wrong with me … then comes other variations like crankiness, frustration, despair ,,, hey, they’ve have all been covered …right!!

actually all these emotions are normal and do happen to everyone at different stages of their lives and in differing combinations … in my case, i am talking about random changes in my behavioural moods … like many times in a DAY !! … picture 5 times high, 25 times angry and 15 times low in a 12 hour period … imagine how my colleagues and family feel about this !! i have not really asked 🙂


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