Found this inspiring and thought i’d share it with all of you –

… The only thing more important than being good is being real. Authenticity is kinder than resignation without conviction. Truth leads to good faster than good leads to truth. Ultimately truth is good, but you have to live it from the inside out.
… At key times in our life, each of us must let go of the familiar to claim the possible. If you find yourself in a situation that is sapping your life force, the only thing more impolite than leaving, is staying. Honoring your inner guidance will set forth a chain motion of healing that will stun you in its wisdom and magnificence. There is a place inside you that knows where you belong. Respect it, and your life will be a testimony to joy and service.

(This article comes from Alan Cohen Programs and Publications –


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  1. Very inspiring, indeed. Which article does that come from? I think I’ve read just about all of them. The one that I linked to yesterday really grabbed a hold of my heart. Mr. Cohen is great at making people think about how they are living their lives.
    I hope that more people will read that article I linked to, even if they don’t think it’s necessary.

  2. that was from the article “Get up and Leave” and i found it very inspiring … thanks for the link, i hope everyone reads those articles too … !!

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