Sometimes i wonder why we are all such suckers for “love” …

… even the most independant person is dependant on something or someone … some say v should look at the positive only, in that case every broken relationship could have been salvaged … but then again some say that v fail to realise abusive patterns in relationships coz v end up looking at the pluses only !!! … guess its a matter of timing but then again, when and how are we to decide whats the right time ???

… in my experience even the most satisfying of relationships have some areas of pain or hurt or atleast few occasions of misunderstandings or arguments etc … most of us assume a lot most of the time and v dont even realise it … actually, v assume that  v dont assume … anyways, point is that when v assume theres the possibilty of error and this is often forgotten … this could lead to a lot of pain in relationships (esp. intimate ones) and this is something v must be very aware of … i have been hurt by things said by close family or friends … what hurts more than the actual event is something assumed by the other person about you which is not true … and i realise on many occasions, i have not corrected them or even bothered to let them know i was hurt … guess thats not right coz how would they ever change if they dont know …

… here again comes the issue of complete truth against truth according to the circumstances … often the amount of hurt caused due to honesty in relationships makes one wonder ‘why?’ but maybe every relationship requires time and effort (like all other things!) and its what you put in over a period of time that determines what the relationship is gonna turn out to be in the long run … !!

OK, that was me in my blogging costume … now me back to my work mode 🙂

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  1. I truly believe that every relationship needs efffort put into it to make it work and that it is fear that holds a lot of people back – but by one of the partners not putting the effort in – due to their own fears – can hurt the other party deeply.Good blog Dusk

  2. I agree with Dusk.  Being honest and compassionate, having a huge amount of selflessness …..has a lot to do with successful long term relationships.

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