so here i am … back in my own space after visiting a lot of sites of interesting people … and now after subscribing like crazy to the sites of many lovely fellow xanga-ians, now i dont seem to have enuf time to write my own blogs !!!

works been quite hectic of late and i am really overwhelmed by it all sometimes (luckily this feelin passes as quickly as it sets in…) … the number of active clients we are assisting is increasing so rapidly that its scary …. missing even a single call on my mobile drives me crazy as i wonder whether it was someone in need … again, sometimes i dont pick up calls from family and friends as i am just tired of talking … but then agian, sometimes i think maybe i was born to talk (*LOL*) and then again, maybe not!!

was reading the last blog in sanfranmami’s site and began to wonder about what i felt about God, Religion, etc etc … basically, i am a Hindu (like jennifer’s husband) but have never been one to follow rites, rituals, visit temples, etc etc … reasons are many and im not going into that now … but what i believe in is that we all need someone or something to believe in when all else fails … its just a coping mechanism or like a cushion to break to your fall (coz everyone falls…sometime) … i have been thru a lot of trying times, traumatic phases, unbelievably testing times and each time i have reached very close to breaking point … somehow after i have bounced back (which happens mostly else i wont b here :), i look back on what happened and i learn a lot from it … also realise that at some point i have reached out to some power and have found some solace in it … not that problems disappeared or miracles happened (nah…) but just made me hang on … know what i mean?

well thats enuf for today … me gotta take a break as i am so exhausted … its been a long day and we have had a power problem and i have been sitting in my cabin without a light or any form of air !!! ciao


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  1. Hi..just been reading through. Sounds like amazing wonderful work that you do. We have things in common it seems…i mean you almost being a librarian and me having once worked in the area of crime prevention too… I worked as a community development worker for a district council and my job was to set up a safer community council. It meant investigating the level of crime in our district and writing a community profile and bringing together all the people working in the area of crime prevention and health and safety. I have not read the book you mentioned so will search it out…

  2. These things can get exhausting!! Take time for yourself – but on another note – isn’t it awesome once you start explaring xanga!!! Some amazing people out there!!Take careDusk

  3. wow! as a community development worker i am sure u must have had some amazing experiences wildswan!! if there is any written information (like reports or other documentations) on your work (which can b shared) please do send it to me … wud b interesting to c if theres any program v cud replicate here, u know!
    and hey there dusk, gud to c u back 🙂 i agree with u abt amazing people in xanga … and also on taking some time out for myself … y’day i just sat in the car for about an hour listening to music and not taking any calls … had to do it to keep my sanity *smile*

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