Just finished this fantastic book by Samina Ali … very powerful and disturbing in its own way … definitely a must read for those who are interested in a purdah clad woman’s outlook on life and various other issues …


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  1. Name a few of your favorite books.  I am interested in what you liek to read.  I have piles of books i need to read at home. But I am always searching for new interesting materials to expand my mind.  Namaste!

  2. Namaste Jennie!!  I just looooove reading and have been hopelessly addicted to it since my days in school … i read everything under the sun but criteria being it must be well written … it could  be fiction or non fiction but sensibly presented and easily understood … recently i have been into a lot of indian/asian authors and the range is amazing … being an indian, i am able to empathize more with their topics … i am sure they will interest you too … faves are too many to list but i could try …
    ladies coupe – anita nair; one hundred shades of white – preethi nair; if you are afraid of heights – raj kamal jha; madras on rainy days – samina ali; speedpost – shobha de …
    i also read authors like jeffrey archer, robin cook, robert ludlum, sidney sheldon, arthur hailey, ruskin bond and so on …
    could give u a more detailed list in a couple of days … in the meanwhile if u give me a list of books with you let me see if i have read any of them …?
    happy reading lady !! 🙂

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