Taken from sparklezchick‘s page …

10 of your favorite songs at this moment

1.   annie’s song
2.   leaving on a jet plane 
3.   groovy kind of love
4.   sealed with a kiss
5.   when u say nothing at all
6.   cant help falling in love
7.   like a prayer
8.   hello
9.   heavens a place on earth
10. another day in paradise

9 things you’re looking forward to

1. hugging my mom
2. bugging my sis
3. more rains
4. buying my first car
5. building my own house
6. traveling to different places
7. making more friends
8. my organization getting its first grant

8 people that make you laugh


7 things that annoy you

my anger
sometimes my inability to get angry 
when i am taken for granted
when i cant get time to sleep
when my migraine shows up
when i have to deal with insensitive people 
when i have to be polite to an abuser for the sake of my client

6 things you touch everyday

my mobile phones
my computer keyboard
my car keys
my wallet
my phone charger
my watch

5 things you do everyday

take a bath
check my mail
bug my mom

4 things you say on AIM/YM a lot

 : )

3 movies you’d watch over and over again

baby’s day out
my best friends wedding

2 goals you’ve set for yourself

 To make others happy
 To be there for my friends when they need me

1 person you’d spend your entire life with


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