hi friends !! me back (at last!) and thanks jennie for understanding and being there … okay, heres an update on my life ..

sis had her first check up and her knee’s gettin better … getting used to her new knee brace and walker … v r spending most nights watching whatever movie v can lay our hands on … saw ‘what a girl wants’ and more recently ‘italian job’ … whoa cool movie *smile*

at work, have been working my butt off … anyways things r lookin much better … with a grant being sanctioned for our organization … 3 new recruits coming into the core group … new ad campaign being planned etc etc etc …

and wonder of wonders its been raining here past couple of days (somethign unheard of in summer!!) …  have to get back to tennis though … will do so soon … hmmm

so whats been happening with all u folks?? … hip n happening, i hope 🙂


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