OKAY saw this in tidbitz page ..

Today is 10 Questions day

Answer them and post on your pages! 

1.      If you could change one bad trait about yourself, what would you change?

My short temper, which makes me say or do things I end up regretting …

2.      Do you agree or disagree with this statement:  The ultimate in self responsibility: Wherever I am unhappy, that is where I need to change myself. Most of us blame others and we shouldn’t.

Absolutely right!

3.      If you could have one do-over, and restart your life at a younger age, what age would you pick and why go back??

I’ll let that option pass ..

4.      What is your worst imaginable way to die?

To die alone …

5.      Describe your vision or thought of afterlife.

I believe in living this life to the fullest … have yet to experience whether there is afterlife or not …

6.      What was the happiest age/time in your life and why?

Have been happy almost always … happiest – perhaps, during my late teenage years.

7.      If you could have 3 wishes….what would they be?

To make this world a place where there is peace – harmony and lots of love!!

8.      If you could bring one person back from the dead, and ask them a question, who would it be and what is the question.  AND- what do you hope the answer is?

One of our very early cases, committed suicide when we were not in town – i would like to ask her ‘did u do it cos u could not reach us?’ and i hope the answer is ‘NO’

9.      Summarize your life in 12 words:

An interesting journey down the road less travelled spreading love and peace.

10.  What always gets you feeling better when you’re feeling low?

Listening to my favourite tunes and thinking of my loved ones …

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