I am back friends !! The trip was good and kovalam (kerala) was fantastic … kovalam is famous for its lovely beach and boy, was it fun  

now i am bogged down with work overload but am enjoying it … made a couple of friends and also got some time to introspect and look into myself … u know something like pausing to take a breath … !!

like a fellow xanga-ian said, sometimes i wonder whether to listen to the head or heart … guess even they do a role reversal at times and that leaves me amazed, get what im saying? … sometimes i find my heart making more sense than my head, does that make sense ??


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  1. Glad you had a nice trip…
    Thank you so much for stopping by my page for my birthday.  You are sooo sweet!  I can really relate with you and am happy to have been able to stumble across your pages, it is really great to be able to do this xanga – thing.  You know?  Anyways….back to work for me.  Thanks again and have a great weekend!  

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