Tennis felt good today esp. after so long a gap … guess good exercise sets me thinking … šŸ™‚
sometimes i wonder whether we all just let life pass us by … we tend to get so caught up in daily existence and our struggle for survival that we end up missing out on the simple pleasures and joys of life …
the pleasant feel of a cool breeze on a warm summer day … the goosebumps on your flesh when the coldness of water hits your warm body in the shower … the shortness of breath experienced when we listen to a particularly moving piece of music … the joy of watching the sunset with a loved one … feeling the ocean’s pull when the waves pull u gently towards the sea …
ah, life …

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  1. Very good to see a positive outlook on life!! I admire your work – I to work with survivours of DV and Sexual assault – however mainly as their last resort.Dusk

  2. thanks dusk !! if u r working for any dv organization, please do give me some details, like their website or email address so that v could network with them … visited ur site and found ur weblogs very interesting … very honest and real … šŸ™‚

  3. OK now i get it … so thats what u meant by ‘last resort’ … thats interesting cos here we have to work very closely with our local police as we cannot do much without their assistance and support … in my state we have a concept of women police stations … where women police deal with issues concerning women … i am not aware of the laws in your country but here in India, things r quite tough as the concept of ‘family’ is very rigid and all efforts r towards keeping the family together, u know !!

  4. Nice post!  I agree, I tend to get caught up in the petty way too often.  We shouldnt just let life pass us by…..its definitely something I actually have to focus on.

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