man!! i could go crazy with this kind of working schedules … u tell me, do i have a life?? …

my day starts at 6.30 with me going for my tennis practice from 7 to 8.30 or so … then i am back and leave for office with my dad by aorund 9.45 or so … then i am at the office from say 10.30 till about 4 pm or so … then i go to my office which is about 15 kms from my dad’s office and attend to stuff there from about 5 till about 8.30 or so … then i get back home by around 9.30 … manage to read a bit, talk to my sis and then have dinner and by then, i am dying to sleeeeeep !!! … then its back to the alarm ringing at 6.25 and me going groan … moan …. sigh … and so on and on ….

hey there … if i don’t get any comments this time around, i will #%^@(*)(@*@*%#@&$%!#$@#$!#@ …

guess i will just go on writing in my piece


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  1. Sounds hectic but nice.  You actually start work late and leave early.  You manage to have time for tennis and for a secondary office,  not too shabby.

  2. hey jennie, guess u r right 🙂 but dad’s work is mainly administrative and systems oriented whereas my secondary work, involves answering a crisis line 24 hrs a day every day !! … also, i meet clients throughout the day depending on the urgency of the case … so its not as it seems perhaps !!! … but hey, i cant complain as i do manage to keep my folks happy as well as enjoy what i am doing !!

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