Our Journeys, Our Voices, Our Healing


Attention writers and artists

of poems, quotes, short stories and artwork!

The Peel Committee on Sexual Assault (PCSA) – Community Advisory Group (CAG) is creating a publication, that will provide a voice for people who have experienced sexual assault by providing a broader insight and understanding on the topic of sexual assault and sexual violence using a creative process, which will include the real stories of survivors.

PCSA-CAG invites you to share your poems, quotes, short stories and artwork for this upcoming publication!

The publication aims to eliminate myths, stereotypes and perceptions of sexual assault.


An example submission:


I stand entangled in a web

A piercing pain enters my mind

Travelling through to my soul

I do not know how to escape this hold

That binds me so fiercely

I see others pass me by

And it’s as if my web

Is invisible to them

I desperately want to reach out

To ask them for help

But, my hands are tied

My lips are sealed

Deep beneath the darkened sky

I stand-alone engulfed in fear

And I wait

I wait for a day

When the sun will shine

I wait for a night

That I can sleep peacefully

I wait for that someone

Who will see my web

Reach out and help me

To untangle the hold

I yearn to escape

—— Anonymous


For more details, just ask!!



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