thanks nocholas for that insightful comment … do lemme know what u think of my next query …

hmmm, so i was suddenly caught up with my good friend and colleague having to undergo a sudden appendicitis operation … have been sleeping in the hospital for the past 2 nights in a row !!! … not complaining though … shes fine now and thats all that matters

being in the all too familiar and yet so disturbing confines of a hospital room set me thinking about how fragile life is and how we all tend to take it for granted … made me wonder whether i have said all that i wanted to say to a close friend or family member or intimate partner … and whether i have really done whatever i have wanted to do in my life … also whether i have made any difference in anyones life and whether i am worth being ‘missed’ …ah, well there i go philosophising again …

as long as there is no one to stop me, i will just go on and on … well, here comes my boss (who also happens to be my dad!!) so off i go 😉

btw, am off to kerala tonight to meet an ailing granny and also attend a close pal’s wedding … should be back by monday morning … will post a few pictures once i am back,  hopefully ….

ciao folks !! hey, and dont forget … live today as though its your last … and ur life will be the best 🙂


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