so here i am … with another query i need comments on …. puhleassseeeee people, think and let me know what u think about this …

complete honesty?? is there something like that … is there anyone practising it?? … what i am focussing on is complete honesty in an intimate relationship … say, between husband and wife, between partners, between lovers, etc etc … can a person be completely honest with an intimate partner?? … should a person be completely honest in an intimate relationship?? … if yes, why should one be completely honest?? … is there not more possibility for conflicts in such a situation?? … what could be the benefits of being truthful (even if brutally so) in an intimate relationship?? …

wondering and pondering on this … waiting to c some if someone gives me some comments on this …


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  1. Complete honesty couldn’t hurt. And if it could, you should seriously reconsider that relationship. It’s true there are some things better left alone, but as long as there are no “guilty secrets” there shouldn’t be a problem. Surprise parties, for instance, are very good. And the fact that you had a dream about a celebrity shouldn’t make you feel guilty, hence, everything else should be fair game, the honest truth.

  2. hey nicholas, thanks for the comment … i think u r right but again, ponder over this scenario … what if your partner was insecure ‘coz of his/her past etc etc, and hence cannot take even a simple thing like you fantasizing about a celebrity or something like that, then what?? … would u risk losing the relationship bcos of complete honesty there or would u just not talk about ur dream ???

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