okay so international womens day just went by … y’day i went to the park and met a young girl who was selling flowers … she must have been around 8-11 yrs old and spoke so well that i got chatting with her … when i asked about her schooling, she told me matter-of-factly that she did upto her 5th grade and then her education was stopped as she needed to start contributing to the family’s income … also she told me that her dad expired some years back and that her mom was working as a maid in couple of houses so as to raise her family of 2 children … the son was going to school as he had to grow up and ‘look’ after the family (?) … when i commented on her smart replies and said that already she was so clever, what would have happened if she had completed her schooling, she said with a smile “i would have become president!” … sometimes i wonder what kind of a democracy would do this to a child??? …


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  1. It really isn’t fair that a girl always has to stop her education and that a boy can always continue with is education. The same thing had happened to my grandmother when she was young. All I can say is that help her mom to find a new job, you can always check in the newspaper for some facts.

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