well guys here i am … had a busy day again … not feeling quite well too … was held up preparing annual report for my organization … anyways, browsed thru many blogrings and saw many interesting profiles … posted quite a few comments too … let me wait and c the responses though ….

was interesting to c so many young people seriously thinking about various issues … social and otherwise … also interesting styles of writing … hmmm …

i posted a comment on the issue of gay marriages and it went something like this …

“… my take on marriage is that when two people want to spend the rest of their lives together then why do they have to get married? … to show the world? … to get social approval? … to cement their relationship? … to feel assured by a marriage (if it means any assurance, that is)? … whaaaat?

and in a sensitive area like gay marriages, esp when it is so obviously a political game and not really a social issue, does it really matter???”

– any comments ????

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  1. My brother and his partner are going through this. For them, it’s more of a legal matter and having the same rights as other married couples. I think it’s also a matter of respect, and the need to be recognized as a loving, spiritual couple…as marriages should be.

  2. hey … i can understand what they must be going through !!! … well all my good wishes to the couple …
    hmmm… must say ‘spiritual couple’ has got me totally confused though … not bcos i cannot relate spirituality to a relationship but when i think spirituality, guess what comes to me is a total sense of completeness and non dependancy … then is not the need for anything (read: to be recognised, to be accepted, to be valued, and so on ..) contradictory to the concept of spirituality ???

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